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The Coronavirus turns everything upside down.

Sport  The coronavirus changes the sports calendar. Italy, a country extremely affected in Europe, and in which football is sacred, had to decide that all matches in Series A will be played at eight close. In addition, the Barcelona Marathon scheduled for March 15 has been postponed to October 25 for the reason that many of the participants have come from regions affected by the epidemic. On the…
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Turkey / Turks killed in Syrian bombing in Idlib

In an official statement of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, it announced the death toll of the Turkish army due to the bombing of the Syrian regime forces in Idlib countryside, to five Turkish soldiers, in addition to a civilian employee. While Moscow clarified the…
Well being

Well being/ The New Science of Sleep

As modern schedules, stress, and technology tax our ability to get a good night’s rest, researchers have gained new insight into sleep quality—and how to restore it. Why people need rest and what happens to the mind and body during sleep remain enduring…