Literature/ Why should u read Jane Austen ?

Why should u read Jane Austen ?
“let other pens dwell on guilt and misery” J.A
Whether she’s describing bickering families , love stories or juicy gossip jane austen’s writing often feels as though it was written just for you.
You’ll start talking about her as thought you’ve known her for years and that’s because her conversational tone welcomes reads with this conspiratorial wink, wish makes you feel like her secret confidante ,yet, this only one of many feats fond in her delicate composurs of society , romance and even history .
Back in the early 19th century , AUSTEN’s novels cracked the cocconed lives of the rural England and explored the bewildering collision of emotions with etiquette , and instead of haughty love stories her characters acted naturally and often awkwardly against the hard tide of the endless rules of society , these characters built up the stories and events from the interactions of hypocrisy , propriety and small talk or debates as miss Elizabeth bennet  argued mr darcy about the difference between pride and vanity saying “yes vanity is a weakness indeed , but pride where there is real superiority of mind pride will be always under good regulation” .
Bound by the uptight common-sense of her society Austen understood  that a wealthy marriage was a social and financial necessity for most women , yet she always infiltrated  her noble quest for love between the lines of the shallow Era she lived in .
By reading her books you’ll come to feel some of her wit and pragmatic personality projected in some of the characters  who lived in the same social circles and circumstances as her like the dazzling Elizabeth of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE , whose beautiful out-rule mind and devotion to her sisters led her  to a supercilious suitor rather than a wealthy clumsy one .
Finally , Jane Austen is a novelist whose books set among the English middle and upper classes are notable for their social observations and insights into the lives of  early 19th c women and still can set passion and mind superiority now days plus a lot of FUN, and that’s why you should read her  work .
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